Server Maintenance

Server maintenance is scheduled , so please be prepared for possible service interruptions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience. During this time, we will be conducting routine maintenance to ensure that our servers are up to date and functioning properly. We do not anticipate any major issues, but please feel free to contact us if you experience any problems after the maintenance is complete. Again, we appreciate your understanding and your cooperation while we work to improve our services.

We will always keep you informed of any server maitenance and any downtime which is very rare we try to do this at off peak times

"Planned maintenance completed in 2 hours. Thank you for your patience."

We understand that clear and open communication is an integral part of building and maintaining a trustworthy relationship with our clients. For this reason, we would like to assure you that when it comes to updates regarding server downtime, we have you covered. In order to ensure the seamless and uninterrupted operation of our servers, regular maintenance is required from time to time. However, we aim to minimize any potential disruptions in your streaming experience by scheduling these maintenance periods during off-peak times. We believe that this level of transparency demonstrates our commitment to providing you with a reliable and efficient service, and we hope that it gives you peace of mind knowing that we are taking every measure to ensure your satisfaction. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.see home page

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